You Need an Experienced Roofing Contractor in Mansfield for an Extremely Steep Roof

Steep-pitched roofs have many practical and aesthetic advantages and need to be built and maintained by an experienced roofing contractor in Mansfield. When it’s time to replace one of these specialty roofs the challenges facing the contractor are multiplied by the angle. Sherriff Goslin in Mansfield has replaced many steep roofs on farms, barns, churches, and homes and are extremely familiar with the challenges and rewards of steep roofs.

What Is An Extremely Steep Roof? A standard residential roof today is built at a 45 degree or less angle. We refer to this as a 12:12 pitch – the vertical rise divided by its horizontal span. Roof pitch is notated as rise:run, with the run expressed by the number 12. Any roof that is steeper than this is considered an extremely steep roof.

Are there advantages to an ESR? Yes! Extremely Steep Roofs were originally designed to prevent water, snow, and debris buildup. Their steep angles effectively use gravity to send the items that build up on their way quickly to your gutter system. Reducing buildup increases the longevity of the shingles and the roof.

ESRs also increase the function of structures by increasing interior space – this is most apparent in barns where every inch of interior space is used for storage. In homes these spaces make room for usable attic space that is used for storage and even sleeping quarters.

What Are The Challenges Of A ESR? Although these roofs are aesthetically pleasing, they’re more expensive to install and repair. The steeper pitch results in greater surface area that is more difficult to access and work on. From an owner’s perspective, you will need to find a roofing contractor that has extensive experience in re-roofing and repairing extremely steep roofs.

Every degree of slope more than 12:12 makes a roofer’s job more challenging to execute. An ESR will need additional labor and material handling processes. An ESR roof will also need more hours for installation and require more workers. Because the work is more challenging an ESR will tire a roofer physically quickly.

Sherriff-Goslin has been installing extremely steep roofs for over 100 years. A spin through our photo gallery will show you our impressive work with steep roofs. We’re also well known for creating impressive shingle art on barn roofs across Ohio. When you’re ready to invest in your Extremely Steep Roof, contact an experienced roofing contractor in Mansfield to deliver a roof that will give you years of longevity.